Has it been a dream of yours to become a Life Coach?
Have you wanted to have a life and business you really love?
Do you feel like you have a lot to give back and would love to work as a Life Coach?
Do you know you can be of service to others and make this world a better place?
Can you sense you have a special gift only you have and you could help others live a life beyond their wildest dreams?
Are you sick of living life on someone else`s terms?
Do you want to work from all around the world and have a business you get to run?


If you feel like you can answer all theses questions with a clear yes, please read on!


To give you an honest and helpful overview I made a list of 10 reasons why I did the Beautiful You Coaching Training and why you should too. If there are unanswered questions, please feel free to email me at any time.

  1. Duration
    For me it was clear that I did not want to study forever, as I was doing other trainings too at that time. I felt like BYCA covered everything for us to start a successful coaching business in those 6 month. Yes, you do have to spent a lot of time learning and applying in those 6 month. But you will love doing it, as it is only 6 month of training before you go out into the world and have a thriving business you absolutely love. Just like I have now.
  2. Membership
    Within those 6 month you have a privat member area where you have to do a lot of training. You will have to answer questions for each module and for very answer you give, you get an honest and very helpful feedback from one of the trainers. Because you are in the middle of learning and growing, such support is truly amazing and will help you become the Coach you want to be.
  3. Support
    Julie and her team are outstanding to say the least when it comes to any kind of support you need. They are always there for you if you need them. They motivate, support and encourage you to get the most out of this training. I enjoyed every single mail or massage we exchanged.
  4. Certification
    This was super important for me. I wanted to have a training that was certified by CCE and to become certified myself by ICF. To be honest, if I spent money and time, I wanted to get the most in terms of certification out.
  5. Inspiration Day
    That weekend in Paris changed me. I have no words for the days spent with Julie and her beautiful und uplifting team. The have out done themselves in Paris and I highly recommend you go to one of the Inspiration Days.
  6. Workload
    Yes, you will have to work a lot to become a Beautiful You Life Coach, especially if you decide like I did, to become a certified BY Life Coach and not just do the training. But it is worth it and if you use time and money for a training like that, you might as well go all the way. Throughout the training you should spend up to 6 hours per week to keep up the work and not fall behind. Trust me. You can do this!
  7. Business 
    I really loved how much more training we had in terms of business. You do not only get trained in coaching etc. but also in business terms. The BYCA does set you up with everything you need to start your business immediately if you want to a life a life on your terms.
  8. Julies Background
    If I want to lern and become an expert on a certain field, I go to the experts. And Julie Parker is one of them when it comes to coaching and running a coaching business for more than two decades! Her knowledge, background and wisdom in term of coaching is priceless.
  9. Facebook Group
    Oh how I still love the private Facebook Group for our course. We had so much fun there, inspired each other and were there when someone needed a kind word or a virtual hug.
  10. Their online presence
    Just look at their beautiful website or the inspired coach magazine. Their online presence is outstanding and made me want to be part of it too. Wouldn`t you want to be part of something so beautiful and uplifting?

To say the least, if you sign up to become a Beautiful Life Coach your life will change in such a gorgeous way and you will ask yourself, why you did not sign up earlier! Trust me!

So, I hope I encouraged you to look into the training. If you decide to sign up through my link, check out this amazing offer:

  • 4 x 60 minutes bi-weekly coaching calls
  • a workbook to follow your progress 
  • a meditation album
  • 1 x 90 minute business consult to make your coaching business a real success
  • Email support throughout our time togetherThis offer is only for people who sign up for the BYCA Training!

  • To be eligible for my special coaching bonus you will need to use my individual link to enroll on the course. Make sure this is the last link you click on to sign up! You can send me an email once you have enrolled to give me a heads up so we can start connecting – it’s always fun to join the celebrations early on!
  • You will receive your bonuses once the refund period for your course has ended (usually about 1 month after your course has started) and I will contact you. We will have an amazing time working together!
  • As a proud affiliate I receive a kick back for everyone who enrolls through my link, which is how I can offer such an amazing bonus to those who sign up.


Feel free to get in touch and let`s talk about your questions, hopes and dreams!