SoulTalk with Connie Chapman (english)

On this beautiful episode I had the true pleasure to talk to Connie Chapman from Australia. She is such a light, inspiration and honest woman and I had a blast recording this episode with her. She is a life coach, passionate writer and inspirational speaker living in Australia.

In this episode she shares her daily routines as a Life Coach and Entrepreneur, her life in Australia and her journey on how she became the woman she is today. She is such a gift to the world.


I truly encourage you to connect with her on Social Media. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Also check out her amazing Awaken Radio Podcast and her website.

Books she recommended:


I am still in awe that she is part of my podcast and I can`t wait to follow her journey as she shares heart warming content with us, shows us how to awaken our spirituality and to live a life from within.

Enjoy listening and feel free to comment.

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